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Why do they get bored in bed?

Do you feel full with your sex life? There are multiple factors that favor a decrease in sexual desire, from a lack of hygiene on the part of the couple to the loss of romanticism. However, when you identify what blocks your eroticism, it is easier to think about solutions.

With the years, it is true that passion is mitigated and sex is transformed. The passionate love we feel at the beginning of a relationship is not the same as when we have been with the same person for years. Everything ends up becoming routine and known postures. However, it can also happen that your sexual relationships have nothing to do with the above. They are probably falling because "something" is doing wrong.

If your relationship is going to the "fret" and you have doubts that it may be happening, review these six errors that are probably killing the passion in bed.

1. They miss the preliminaries

Many people believe that with the passage of time the caresses, kisses and frictions before intercourse are over. ?They are wrong! The preliminaries are essential to maintain the passion in bed. Some sexologists believe that they are even more important than the sexual act itself as they help to excite the other party, improve lubrication, make sex less painful and easier to achieve orgasm.

2. Often obvious his orgasm

Sometimes, many couples stop giving importance to both parties reach orgasm. Although the orgasm is not the only important thing and you have to give your place to the preparations and the process, in general the climax is understood as the end of sexual intercourse and if it is obvious often that your partner has or has not had an orgasm, you will be contributing to the passion disappears. The other person is also there for something, and you are not just you.

3. You lose contact with your partner

You should never look at a fixed point like the walls or ceiling during sex. It is important to maintain contact -especially the visual but do not forget the touch- with the partner so that the other person does not feel like a sex toy. In fact, sexologists suggest stimulating the five senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste to achieve a fun, exciting and pleasurable sexual experience.

4. You avoid talking about sex

Neither has to be the subject of each after-dinner or postcoital colloquiums to know how the experience of the day has gone, but to talk openly about sex is essential to maintain the chemistry in the couple. Without taboos or lies, it is important to expose personal tastes, what has been or can be well, what you want to avoid from then on or what you want to try once and for all.

5. Always ask, how have I been?

Psychologists and sexologists agree that insecurity and pessimism are the great enemies of sexual satisfaction. For both parties is uncomfortable having to be praising the virtues of your partner so that this does not become sad and strengthen their self-esteem ... even when they have done wrong. Knowing how to listen and feel the other person while practicing sex, can be much more useful than constantly asking if the coitus of the day has been correct.

6. You exaggerate too much

Often, to feel pleasure while practicing sex leads to emit moans and screams, but be careful that these are not real. Exaggerate the screams or make use of exclamations and phrases devoid of meaning to try to "encourage" the other party and "prove" that we are 100% in the act, end up tiring and are unbelievable.

Live the moment and learn to enjoy your relationship.